Flexzion HW-302 Canister Filter Review

Flexzion HW-302 Canister Filter Review

While it is true that they are heavier as compared to power filters, canister aquarium filters have always been an old favorite with aquarists, particularly those who own large aquarium tanks.

In fact, the idea that canister filters have to necessarily be bulky, difficult to install and maintain is an age-old notion, one that is being steadily defied by brands like Flexzion with its range of canister aquarium filters that are super-effective, as well as, easy to use.

A perfect example of this is the Flexzion HW-302 Canister Filter, which fits perfectly on the list of popular canister filters. With its superior filtration system, quiet, smooth functioning and high water flow, this canister filter seems like a great option. Here’s a quick lowdown on everything you must know about the Flexzion HW-302 canister aquarium filter:

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    Flow Rate: 265  gph
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    Dimensions:  11 x 11 x 16 inches
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    Weight: 10 lbs

About The Product

For a canister aquarium filter weighing 10 pounds, the Flexzion HW-302 has been designed to be as simple and less bulky as possible. At nearly $81, you may be tempted to pick a cheaper version of this (and there are quite a few), but once you install this canister filter under your aquarium and watch it give you the cleanest water you’ve ever seen, it’ll be worth every dollar spent.

Flexzion HW-302 Canister Filter Opening

It comes neatly packed with all the components you need to set it up, along with clear instructions on how to install it. The Flexzion HW-302 canister aquarium filter has some basic but solid features that give you an effective filtration experience that only requires some basic installation.


Here are some notable features of this product:

Flexibility Of Filtration Media

One of the greatest advantages of canister aquarium filters is the fact that their large size allows them to filter bigger volumes of water at any given point. The Flexzion HW-302 canister filter only takes this a notch higher, by maximizing the quality of filtration with its 3 trays designed to hold different media, allowing you to pick and use the filtration media that best suit your tank water and your fish.

Canister filters like the Flexzion HW-302 are especially useful to fish enthusiasts who have bigger aquariums with different species of fish, which call for a higher quality of mechanical, biological and chemical filtration. This flexibility also means you can customize your canister filter to suit both, freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

In addition, the Flexzion HW-302 canister filter also comes with an adjustable spray bar, allowing you to control the output flow from the filter, since some fish and plants may require a gentler water flow than others.

When you order the Flexzion HW-302, it comes with a wide range of media for you to choose from, including filter pads, coarse pads, ceramic rings and bio balls, giving you the choice of loading its trays with the media most suited to your aquarium.

All you need to do is understand what kind of filtration you need, and then load the media into the media tray, and you’re all set to give your fish a clean tank of water they can happily live in.

Built-In UV Steriliser

In addition to maximizing the flexibility as well as quality of the filtration process, the Flexzion HW-302 canister filter comes with a built-in 9-watt UV sterilizer, which zaps out harmful bacteria and algae spores, not only giving you cleaner, purer water, but also minimizing the possibility of unnecessary algae growth in your aquarium tank.

Flexzion HW-302 Canister Filter Pumps

A drawback of this feature might be that the UV steriliser may just eliminate some of the good, beneficial bacteria as well, but this can be easily fixed by adding an extra layer of biological media.

Easy Installation And Maintenance

Like any other canister aquarium filter, the Flexzion HW-302 too, needs some setting up. Thankfully, it comes with a self-priming pump which saves you the precious time and effort of having to prime your filter multiple times after each power interruption, like a power cut or the filter being reinstalled after cleaning.

Together, its unique single-valve disconnect and priming pump make starting the power filter a breeze, even after it has been serviced.

In addition, because this canister filter isn’t directly submerged into your aquarium tank, it can be easily disconnected for cleaning, media replacement or maintenance without disturbing your fish, which could be an important consideration to make if you have fish that are young, temperamental, or particularly timid, as disturbing the water could create a stressful environment for them.

What Users Are Saying

For most users trying the Flexzion HW-302 canister aquarium filter, it is pretty natural for them to compare it to a power filter in terms of the ease of installation that the latter seems to offer. However, in the long run, users experience a smooth, efficient filtration experience with this product, and also one that is hassle-free and does not require frequent checks.

Another great thing about the Flexzion HW-302 is that it takes up no space in an aquarium tank that is already filled with fish, which is what seems to have worked well with users who own smaller aquarium tanks, or have many fish in their tanks.

What To Lookout For

According to user reviews, one of the things that could have been possibly better about the Flexzion HW-302 canister aquarium filter is the quality of the plastic that is used to make the hoses and pipes, which might need an annual replacement.

Flexzion HW-302 Canister Filter

Source: flexzion.com

Other than this, there were no flaws or shortcomings that were commonly found by its customers.

Final Verdict

The verdict on the Flexzion HW-302 is a little tricky, but it seems like an option worth considering if it matches your needs for a canister filter that is quiet and effective, but it doesn’t get too adventurous or advanced with additional features, which is great if you’re looking for something simple and straightforward to use.

A safe bet for those who are willing to pay, but also not a purchase you might not regret making.

If you own a large, or heavily-stocked aquarium, particularly with fish that are temperamental or do not like being disturbed too much, the Flexzion HW-302, available for sale on Amazon is a great buy, one that will leave both, you and your fish happy.

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