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Best Aquarium Filters

Looks like you’ve decided on an aquarium tank and after a lot of deliberation over the hundreds of options available to you, you’ve carefully chosen every single fish and plant that goes in there.

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Penn Plax Cascade 1000 Canister Filter Review

This one is a canister aquarium filter from a brand that was pretty much born out of the love for fish-keeping. Considered a market leader, Penn-Plax is a trustworthy brand that has been providing well-designed,

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Flexzion HW-302 Canister Filter Review

While it is true that they are heavier as compared to power filters, canister aquarium filters have always been an old favorite with aquarists, particularly those who own large aquarium tanks. In fact,

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Aqueon QuietFlow 50 Power Filter Review

If you’re worried that getting a highly effective power aquarium filter automatically means having to put up with a rumbling, whirring motor, this HOB (hang on back) aquarium filter from Aqueon will

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AquaClear 110 Power Filter Review

The AquaClean 110 Power Filter, is a HOB (hang on back) aquarium filter from a leading brand that has won over the aquarist community with its diverse range of aquarium maintenance products, from aquarium

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A Beginner’s Guide To Aquarium Filters

Chances are, you have probably seen aquariums all your life. Rectangular glass tanks with water sparkling in the light, with a bevy of fish in vivid colors flitting from one end to another, the bottom

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